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  Are Head Lice Still
      Driving You Crazy?

Treating Head Lice

When you suspect that head lice may have set up home in your child's hair you really have only two choices of action

Either you kill them or you remove them.

To kill them you must launch your own mini chemical attack, complete with organo-phosphates pesticides ( sheep dip to you and me!) or other nasty poisons. This little battle is fought out right on your child's skin.

If you choose to remove the head lice using NITMIX Wet Combing Aid you and your children enjoy a little quiet quality time together. You will easily slip and slide all the big, little and teeny-weeny bugs right out of their hair. The eggs and bugs go down the drain still alive and your children will have lovely soft, shiney, wonderful smelling hair in the morning.

Is it really that simple? Yes it is.

Don't let anyone make defeating head lice complicated. All methods that set out to kill head lice suffers the same problem. If they are not 100% effective ( and the rarely are!) and leave just a few eggs or tiny head lice behind you will end up with a head teeming with lice after a gap of 2-3 weeks. Sound familiar?

This is the low stress, no tears, easy way to remove lice from your child's head. Do not be fooled by its simplicity, it really does work beautifully for all types of hair.

Golden Rules For Removing Head Lice...

  • Keep it simple
  • Keep it safe
  • Keep it gentle
  • Keep it relaxed, yes relaxed!

"My child already has head lice, what should I order?"

NITMIX Wet Combing Aid

Easy stress free way to get your children lice free. Makes combing even nightmare frizzy hair a breeze.

One bottle of NITMIX Wet Combing Aid per head is usually enough when removing head lice unless hair is extremely long or thick, in which case, order a second.

NITMIX head lice products
NITMIX head lice products

NITMIX Ultra Fine Comb

This comb will harvest head lice, eggs and debris from the hair without scratching or causing distress by tugging or pulling. . With teeth set just 6 thousandths of an inch apart this is one of the finest combs you can buy.

PURE NITMIX Daily Spray/P>

Use PURE NITMIX Daily Spray to put up a barrier to more head lice. One bottle of PURE NITMIX Daily Spray lasts for 2 to 3 school terms. Order a second if you wish, the shelf life is about three years! Don't wait till you run out and find the critters have come back!

NITMIX head lice products
NITMIX head lice products

NITMIX Daily Sprayer

PURE NITMIX Daily Spray is easily applied in a couple of seconds using the handy NITMIX Daily Sprayer. This is the easy and economical way to keep the scent of PURE NITNIX in the hair at all times.

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