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Myth #1 Why Have We Allowed Head Lice to Rule for So Long?

I'm going to reveal an amazing secret about treating head lice, but before I do, I'd like you to read this fictional story of a real-life situation that happens daily in our children's schools. It's a story that involves many lies and even more wasted dollars.

The story is about a hard-working single mother and her beloved daughter. These two have a solid relationship and together they help one another get through each day.

One day, while Mom is busy at work, the phone rings. It's her daughter's school. Panicked, she thinks she's about to hear about some horrible accident involving her daughter. What she hears however is quite unexpected: We found head lice in your daughter's head and you must come get her. Your daughter cannot return to school until they're completely gone. Mom is momentarily relieved and says she'll be by later, but panic strikes again when school says, No, you must come NOW!

Picturing her teary-eyed daughter isolated in a room, feeling she somehow is dirty, Mom feels helpless. It's a sad story, but it gets worse.

Not knowing exactly what to say to her boss, but needing a good excuse for leaving work immediately, she tells the truth about the head lice, but does so in front of her coworkers. She arrives at school to find her daughter crying and the Principal demanding, We have a zero-tolerance policy on head lice and nits. Go buy chemicals to rid her of the infestation and don't bring her back until they're eradicated!

I can't keep her home. I have to work. I'm the sole breadwinner and my company doesn't offer health insurance, the mother agonizes.

And so her head lice drama begins.

Their first stop after school is the local pharmacy where Mother explains daughter's situation. The Pharmacist offers up several costly, chemical-laden head lice treatments. Once safely home, they begin treatment.

All sorts of thoughts swirl inside Mom's head: foul smell; open the windows fast; treatments that sting hurt and make eyes water. What am I doing? Mom wonders as she busily coats her home carpets, daughter's bedding, everything with the house treatment and environmental spray the Pharmacist also recommended saying, Ma'am, if these weren't necessary, they'd never have been invented.

With daughter tucked into bed, Mom's real work begins. All bedding is laundered, pillows and toys are gathered inside plastic bins where they'll spend the next 2 weeks and the entire house gets a good vacuuming. that's what all the web sites say to do.

Exhausted, Mom falls into bed thinking tomorrow will be better. But It's worse! In the morning her daughter's head is sore, her hair is tangled and huge head lice roam freely.

Both mother and daughter cry! Desperate and frustrated, they return to the pharmacy where they purchase more permethrin or organo-phosphate to apply to the daughter's red, raw scalp.

Apply just once more and if the problem persists, take your daughter to her doctor who can give her the really powerful poisons, warns the Pharmacist. Applying what she had been led to believe was safe Mom reapplies but wakes to find head lice, as big and bold as ever.

With her wallet emptying fast and her boss demanding answers, Mom faces the realization that if something doesn't change soon she'll be looking for another job.

Mom calls school and explains the situation, but the school won't budge. Kids with lice must stay away from those who don't. that's our policy and it keeps other parents from complaining, the school administrator explains. Bewildered, Mom responds with, My child is the victim, not the perpetrator. Some other child infected her with harmless head lice. But her words fall on deaf ears.

This story, while accurate, is actually a much milder version than the countless other head lice stories told in schools around the nation. Parents spend enormous amounts of money on head lice removal treatments and miss weeks and even months from work. Many even lose their jobs. Children fare just as badly, missing many days of school while teachers lead half-full classrooms.

Total insanity over a harmless pest that's no bigger than a sesame seed!! It's amazing to see such hysteria over head lice especially when you consider how much real harm wasps, snakes, bees and other nuisances cause our children. Lice might be gross, but harmful? No way!

Yet the hysteria drives sales of harsh head lice treatments and everybody, even the Health Boards and the Pharmacists, get caught up in the hype. That everybody gets so upset over a harmless pest that's been around since the dawn of time is total nonsense!

This little bug with cooties that causes such panic has fueled a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Now, are you ready for the secret I promised earlier? Great!

Just remove the lice.

don't attack them, don't zap them or poison them. Simply remove them and flush them away.

Does that sound too easy for you? Then allow me to explain. Head lice can only live on the human head. They don't get inside your body like bacteria do. They hang out on the scalp therefore to get rid of them, you simply brush them away.

Sorry if this sounds so simple. I hope you're not disappointed.

There's no big secret or magic bullet that you need to kill head lice. All you want is for them to be gone so your child can resume a normal life.

that's what you'd want if a fly was annoying you. You wouldn't point a bottle of poison at yourself and then spray the tiny critter. You wouldn't zap it or anything else; you'd just shoo it away with your hand.

It's effective and It's a lot better than exposing yourself and the environment to poisons. And if that fly landed on your child, you'd do the same thing, wouldn't you?

So why are you exposing your child to poisonous sprays and lotions just because he or she has head lice?

You don't need to, especially when removing them is sufficient.

When you visit http://www.nitmix.com, you'll see how simple it is to remove head lice from your child's head without using poisons.

If you enjoyed Myth #1, then sit back and get ready to learn how to get rid of head lice without anyone or anything getting hurt in the process. Myth #2.

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