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Myth #2 Why Are We Still Trying To Kill Head Lice Anyway?

Remember when you first brought your baby home from the hospital? You made up the crib with everything you could find that was warm and soft and protective-clean sheets, soft lights, fresh air, soothing quiet music.

Now, can you imagine walking into that room with liquid poison and spraying it onto the pillow, the sheets, the mattress, the floor and walls? And then pouring stinging poisonous shampoo on that precious little head?

How have we gotten here? Outside pressure, that's how.

When you think about it, we're stuck back in 1960s thinking about head lice. Back then we believed science would provide a miracle cure for everything. If a guy in a white coat produced a new spray, we believed it was okay to use it. Not anymore-we're becoming more and more concerned about the pesticides and harsh chemicals that come into our homes and gardens, and are looking for alternatives.

Combing works! Drag a comb through hair full of lice and they will come out in big heaps, if you just do it right. It is much easier than picking out individual eggs and bugs because you don't need to spot them all individually. You just sweep them up and out they come. I'm not talking about dry combing or messing about with Vaseline or mayonnaise. These "remedies" only cover part of the problem. Here's the real deal.

First, you must find out if you really do have a head lice problem. You might suspect lice because the kids are itchy, or you may spot a few little bits of something in their hair, but that isn't a diagnosis-not a good one, anyway.

I've looked at thousands of heads over many years and have come to the same conclusion as many scientists: just looking for bugs in a kid's hair is a waste of time. They're too small, they move too quickly, they hate the light, and they can get confused with lots of other stuff caught in there.

In his experiments, Belgian scientist Jan der Maesener found that when just looking, one-third of parents who thought they had found lice hadn't, while one in 10 parents missed lice when they were there. Scientists in Israel found that parents using combs to check for head lice were four times more likely to get the correct answer, and did it in half the time.

The message is clear: before you even think about treating for lice, you should be combing to get the correct diagnosis.

We at NITMIX have spent seven years making combing more effective and reliable in finding and removing head lice, while also making the process easier on kids and parents. NITMIX Wet Combing Aid is a special blend of essential oils in a sweet almond oil base that makes combing out head lice a realistic option for parents.

NITMIX has developed a special blend of mild essential oils in an almond oil base especially to captures every size of head louse in a slippery coating that prevents them from running away and evading your comb, while also lubricating the comb's very fine teeth so that combing remains tangle-free. The blend of oils is critical to your success.

Using thicker products like conditioners or mayonnaise actually tends to glue the smallest lice right into the hair strands, making it more difficult to get them out. Parents usually find these products remove the adult lice, but they don't see the baby lice jammed up in all that sticky conditioner caught up in the child's hair.

You'll also spend a lot less time combing this way, as you don't need to prepare the hair by splitting it into bunches or clipping it up in sections. Once you massage the oils deep into the roots of your child's dry hair, you can sweep the comb from root to tip and just drag them all out together.

No need to pick out individual critters-just drag them out as soon as they emerge from those little egg cases.

Every stroke of the comb will bring all sorts of confusing debris and rubbish out of the hair, and you'll soon see the difference between lice and skin flakes, dandruff, cradle cap, and all the wind-blown bits that kids catch up in their hair. You will be amazed at how much junk you can find even in the cleanest hair.

And just wiping the comb on a tissue will show you your harvest: all sizes of lice, from the big ones waving their legs at you to the tiny ones that look more like multicolored sand grains. Many parents have never seen these critters before and are amazed at their size, and they also realize they haven't necessarily been looking for the right things.

Once you comb them all out-the tiny eggs and freshly hatched lice along with the adults-you devastate the head lice population and are on your way to clean, healthy, lice-free hair.

We have helped kids with every kind of hair using this simple approach. Shirley Temple corks-crew curls, African American curls, Hispanic rich thick wavy curls all become easy to comb from root to tip. Just this important improvement to your combing technique will reap huge rewards in time and tears saved. Sounds too simple? Don't you believe it!

To read how well this approach works for moms and dads all over the world follow this link to www.nitmix.com and read their stories.

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