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Myth #3 The Real Cause of Head Lice Misery - Stragglers

It's time we talk about the Stragglers, the lice and eggs that manage to survive the harsh chemical treatments that claim to be 100% effective. Well they're not always effective even when you apply a second treatment as directed one week later. The problem is you just never know with any certainty whether you've eliminated everything.

You know that newly hatched lice are tiny. In fact, they're even smaller than the tiny eggs from which they hatch. they're so tiny that It's nearly impossible to see them. And forget about trying to round up those tiny critters.

Even worse is the fact that because they're so small many parents can't even see the egg sacs. If they can't even see the sacs, they certainly won't see the tiny lice that, once hatched, are instantly mobile.

Parents usually do a great job getting rid of what they can see, but most often, they leave a few Stragglers behind. When sacs are left behind, children don't feel them and parents probably won't see them. Once hatched, the tiny lice take a full week to grow larger. Sure they'll bite the head a few times throughout the week while feeding, but the child just Isn't going to notice.

In one week's time, the Stragglers are full-grown adult lice that begin laying 6 to 8 eggs every single day. Even though that sounds like a lot, they're still barely visible. There's just not enough activity going on for anyone to notice.

One week later, those newly laid eggs hatch. But the new lice are the size of grains of sand and they make tiny bites so again, no one notices their presence.

After 3 weeks, the population literally explodes! Hundreds of lice of all sizes are alive and kicking yet your child probably still doesn't notice.

Has this happened to you? Unfortunately, It's a vicious cycle that many weary parents experience. They treat their children's heads, go several weeks without any signs of lice, and then wham! Head lice are everywhere again! It's frustrating and It's inescapable, simply because nobody tells parents about the importance of capturing the Stragglers.

The thing about Stragglers is you've got to eliminate every one of them. Ninety-nine percent removal doesn't count and in fact it leads to 100% failure every single time.

Being trapped in a seemingly never-ending cycle of treatment/lice/treatment causes confusion among parents. They become disheartened with the treatment options they've been given and they start feeling like they'll never break free of the cycle. They get desperate, too.

So write the word Stragglers on a big piece of paper and put it on your refrigerator so you never forget what it means. It's the Stragglers that cause parents all their misery, not some mutant strain of lice or lice that have become resistant to the treatments.

If you need encouragement, head over to our web site at www.nitmix.com. There you can read story after story of parents who have managed to break the treatment/lice/treatment cycle of failure once and for all.

Myth #4 tells the truth about mutant and resistant strains of lice.

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