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Myth #4 Head Lice Have Become Resistant to Treatment

Parents put their trust into lice treatment products that claim to kill. They believe the claims that these miracle cures make and they willingly spend their hard-earned money with the hope that such products will soon end their misery. But unfortunately, the results only disappoint. Within weeks, but sometime within days, they again see signs of lice life and their hopes are dashed.

Parents can't understand why these treatments fail. Many believe what they've heard on the news about resistant strains or mutant strains of lice that are unfazed by the chemicals with which they are repeatedly zapped.

The stories raise their suspicions because they've seen with their own eyes that lice survive. But such stories only misinform. The truth is parents know that lice sometimes don't die; they just don't know with certainty why.

It literally would take millions of dollars to fund studies into whether the genetic structure of lice has changed and no drug company would be willing to pay that kind of money to find out that their product is no longer effective.

Independent researchers could probably learn the answer, but they'd have trouble raising that quantity of funding and making such studies a priority, especially when lice are considered by most to be pretty harmless. Drug companies benefit when people think that somehow lice have mutated or have become resistant because that displaces the blame onto the lice.

What's really happening is the treatments parents are using on their children are failing. If head lice still exist after treatment, then the problem lies with the product.

Why is this true?

When it comes to head lice, the treatment administered must eliminate 100% of the problem. Every single louse and egg has to be eliminated every time the treatment is applied and that's quite a challenge!

In addition, the poison has to selectively harm just the head lice and nothing else. So it has to be a smart solution.

Eliminating almost all the problem Isn't going to work just as you can't almost cross the entire street safely and you can't almost open a can of soda. If these actions aren't completed fully, as in 100%, you might as well not even attempt the action.

If just one louse or egg survives because you didn't entirely cover the affected area or didn't use the right amount of poison, the entire treatment fails.

I suppose the lice could be resistant, but I could also suppose that the right dosage wasn't applied. It doesn't matter, really because the end result is that lice are still alive.

This reminds me of a story a woman told me about her college days. One night she and her roommates walked to the drugstore and purchased peroxide-containing highlighting and hair coloring kits that they planned to use at their girl's night in. After locking themselves in a bathroom for several hours they emerged looking Not quite like the pictures in the product's advertising!

That experience made her think of all the times she applied lice treatments to her children's heads and how many times those treatments failed. Like the coloring experience, she realized that to effectively kill lice, she needed the right skills.

She then realized how difficult applying head lice treatments in clear liquid or mousse form to a child who's reluctant and fidgety really is. She felt safe in assuming that she had always unevenly applied the treatments and that other parents were guilty of this, too. She and other parents probably just missed some of the lice, but there wasn't any way to know for certain. The directions simply say to check the head after treatment. But they don't say how!

When the makers of these products offer incomplete instructions, It's difficult to check a parent's results. Therefore the best a parent can do is guess about his/her success. they've no choice but to take a wait-and-see approach. If 2 or 3 weeks later There's another head lice explosion, the parent failed. Otherwise, he or she succeeded.

Because they're not offered any reliable cure, parents sometimes remain trapped in the seemingly never-ending cycle of - banishment - treatment - waiting.

The solution? Applying the NITMIX Wet Combing Aid and then running a comb through the hair removes the stragglers. And that's what ensures the problem doesn't come back to haunt you.

It's a solution that's simple and reliable. you'll know whether you've gotten all the lice and eggs and if you didn't, the product will do so right then and there.

If you're wondering how this can be so, visit www.nitmix.com and read the Frequently Asked Questions section.

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