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Myth #6 How A No Nits Policy Results In No Progress

The No Nit Policy really gets me in an uproar! It's a tyranny we've created ourselves.

Head lice have been an issue all throughout history, and can be traced at least as far back as the Pharaohs. No child ever has been harmed by lice. It makes me wonder then, why we behave so hysterically and send our children home from school just because of a condition that's common and harmless?

Children belong in school, with their friends and learning so they're prepared for the future. We all want them to enjoy school, to consider it important and the most natural thing there is.

The parents from the U.S.who contact NITMIX tell us how they're under immense pressure once their children have been sent home from school because of head lice. These parents are losing sleep, they're taking time off work, and some are losing their jobs.

We get this type of message only from the U.S. Sure, parents in other parts of the world are stressed upon learning they have to find a solution to their head lice problem, but that's the extent of their problems.

There seems to be no consensus of information in the U.S. even at the highest levels.

Take the National Pediatric Association, for example. It used to favor the No Nits Policy, but no more. Interestingly, it is a proponent of using chemical-based head lice treatments that many parents no longer like.

In the opposite corner is the anti-pesticide, non-profit National Pediculosis Association, a health promoter working to reinforce such bans on children. This stance may actually drive parents right back into the waiting arms of the companies selling pesticides.

There even are organizations whose members believe that head lice carry disease and whose opinions are the based on this belief. However neither the Center for Disease Control nor the World Health Organization holds this view.

We routinely hear stories of parents who go immediately from school to the drug store to purchase harsh chemical treatments not necessarily to kill the lice but so that their children can return to school. Isn't that crazy?

It seems contradictory to allow children who catch head lice from others to be the source of such extreme exclusion when schools work so hard to promote inclusion by not being prejudiced, or sexist, or by not being bullied and by welcoming those who are impaired.

It doesn't make sense.

Guess who benefits from such appalling policies and attitudes? The companies that produce the lotions and treatments that parent detest so much are the ones benefiting.

Parents, do you realize that the people who should know better are exploiting you?

don't believe what these companies tell you. you've got to get your children back in school fast!

Children need to experience the good and bad in life. It's how they grow. It's how they learn how to react and form opinions and develop perspective. It's also how they learn to interpret what is harmful and what is not.

There is no place in the classroom for hysteria. If It's allowed to continue, soon children who have warts or colds or other ailments common to childhood will become targets for future banning.

Do you as parents want your school's classrooms half-filled with clean, sanitized students while the other half the bad children sit at home, waiting until they're sanitized?

Social change has brought about the need to have both parents work outside the home. In other homes, families are headed by a single parent. Both situations strain parents and childcare facilities. The societies in which we live today can least afford to have children kept away from school by a condition that's harmless and that has existed for thousands of years.

Parents likely support these strict bans because they live with the constant fear that their children will some day also be excluded simply because they've become infested with head lice from some other student. Severing their own interests in the short-term drives these concerns, but in the long-term it doesn't work because even when bans are in place, kids still catch head lice.

Somewhere right now, even outside the classroom, There's someone with head lice and that someone will feed the infestation chain that's been going strong since the dawn of time.

By simply removing these bans, downgrading the social stigma that's attached to head lice, and offering parents good advice and even better treatment options when they're confronted with an infestation of head lice, there still will be about the same number of cases. However, there will be far fewer parents who are unnecessarily stressed.

How can we be so sure? Because we've on the front line. Parents from around the world write us every day, and we know that the desperate pleas are coming from parents who've had to deal with these foolish bans.

In other parts of the world, where parents aren't subjected to the exclusionary policies, they just get rid of the problem and move on.

No-Nit Policies really aren't the solution; they're actually part of the problem. Like the proverb says, When you're in a hole stop digging. Or in other words, simply get rid of the lice so you can carry on.

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Next time, I'd like to wind up on a more optimistic note. How would you feel about knowing that there is a way you can actually prevent head lice from becoming a problem?

There's a simple trick you can try that'll help you fend off head lice and I'll show you what it is.

I'll bet no one ever told you that head lice aren't mandatory they're optional!

Myth #7

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