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Myth #7 You Can Control Head Lice

Now that you've got your child's head free of lice, I'll bet you'd probably like to keep it that way. But he or she is going right back to school, the place where the head lice infestation likely originated.

don't worry! All you've got to do is make your child's head an unaccommodating environment in which to live.

But let's begin by being realistic.

The reality is that right now, literally billions of head lice exist. they'll always be present and their presence is perfectly normal. Kids will bump heads with others who have head lice and the lice will migrate to your child's head and There's not much you can do about that.

Unlike other types of insects, head lice cannot be repelled. that's because head lice are not capable of detecting children from a distance. But what you can do is make life difficult for head lice if they decide to take a visit to your child's head.

When given the opportunity, head lice will migrate to whichever head is most accessible. Once they arrive, they then have to determine whether or not the head is a suitable source of food and shelter. Since lice feed only on human blood, they need human heads. Ending up on any other surface means almost certain death.

Now here's how you can be clever.

Why not disguise the smell of your child's head so that the scent confuses head lice?

Adding a new smell to your child's head can trick a head louse into thinking It's not sitting atop a heaping pile of food. Unless the head tastes and smells like a source of food, head lice simply won't be interested in sticking around.

The lice that do arrive might wander atop your child's head for a few days but they're not going to put down any roots nor lay any eggs. Therefore, It's unlikely your child will get more lice. If you do find any, you'll just throw them out.

you'll accomplish all this without medication or poisons, too. that's because all you're doing is confusing lice which is keeping them from using your child's head as their next meal. There's no guarantee you'll never again see a louse on your child's head, but those that do end up there will be wandering aimlessly, not feeding and breeding.

So where are we at right now?

you've learned that NITMIX is a simple-to-use pleasant treatment for head lice that works by harvesting lice from the hair without poisoning them or your child. And you've learned that thousands of families have already used NITMIX with success.

you've also learned that once your child's head is lice-free, you can keep on detracting new visitors. By doing so, you'll save yourself a lot of work and a lot of heartache. And if ever you do find unwelcome visitors trying to play house on your child's head, you'll know just what to do and why you should be doing it.

Isn't it time head lice become the type of problem they're supposed to be one that's mildly disruptive on occasion but doesn't cause any more disruption than a cough or cold?

To learn more about this solution to head lice that's safe, simple and straightforward, go to www.nitmix.com.

Wishing you the best of luck!

John Owen, NITMIX

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