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Head Lice Pictures

Oh if only head lice were this visible! This is an idealised view of a head louse on a comb which gives the impression that head lice are easy to spot, nothing could be farther from the truth. We only include this picture to show how misleading some images can be.
Typical signs of a head lice infestation. A soft pink blush of the skin that stops just at the hair line. Lice don't travel below the hair line so the redness caused by their little bites cannot spread lower than the end of the hair unlike other rashes like prickly heat or rashes caused by shampoos and soaps.
These head lice would be recognisable on a comb by their shape...just!  Normal combing with a nit comb would remove a head louse of this size. Note the dark section of the louse body in this picture, this is only present if the louse has fed and is full of blood, most of the louse is almost see through.
These are pictures of adult head lice about as big as they come but even so they are hard to spot especially when they hide deep down in the hair.  A lot of advice leaflets only show lice of this size. If only it were that easy!
Juvenile head lice first appear as tiny specks the size of a grain of sand! See how they would fit though the hole in the "6" or the "9" on that coin above. To remove these tiny baby hair lice you need to have the finest combs possible. Baby lice are often left behind by cheap lice combs...Disaster!

Human head lice are highly specialised and only live on human heads. All other forms of lice have adapted to live elsewhere. Don't get confused. Head lice need to be removed from the hair and scalp not from furnishings, toys and cloths! Don't waste time and energy cleaning for lice that aren't there!

These pictures are provided to inform our customers only. No claim of copyright or provenance is made in regards to these images as they have been collected over many years from contributions by NITMIX Customers. The are hosted on our servers so as not to utilise bandwidth from elsewhere.


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