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  Are Head Lice Still
      Driving You Crazy?

Preventing Head Lice

Head lice live on human heads, that's their little niche in life, nowhere else will do.

This is great news for you because you can turn this to your advantage. Disguising your child's natural skin scent using PURE NITMIX Daily Spray will put head lice off the scent and keep them from infesting your child.

Are your children plagued by head lice?

Look around at the children in your school. Do all the children get head lice the same? Do some get head lice all the time while other never get any? Frustrating isn't it! In the family, have you got a child who is always getting head lice but their brothers or sisters don't. When did Dad last catch them, ever or never? Beginning to see that not everyone gets head lice the same?

If your kids have been plagued by lice in the past, far more than their friends or brothers and sisters, but you have never understood why, this could be the explanation. Some children simply have a scent that head lice immediately identify as ideal. Until you can disguise this particular natural aroma these kids will remain a beacon for head lice.

"Thanks!!!!! Since I have started using your product almost 2 years ago, things have been GREAT! I am so thankful I have found you. You saved a frantic mother!! Thanks again!!"
Kimberly, Ballston Spa, NY.   ( More testimonials...)

Don't want head lice again? What should you order?


Use PURE NITMIX Daily Spray on bath nights or spray the dilute solution onto the hair using the NITMIX Daily Sprayer. Disguise your childs natural skin scent. Works every hour of the day, so sleep-overs, school camp and parties are no longer head lice heaven.

NITMIX head lice products

NITMIX Daily Sprayer

PURE NITMIX Daily Spray is easily applied in a couple of seconds using the handy NITMIX Daily Sprayer. This is the easy and economical way to keep the scent of PURE NITNIX in the hair at all times.

NITMIX Wet Combing Aid

Even if you have recently treated for head lice it is so easy to miss a "Straggler", a lone louse or a couple of eggs tucked away somewhere resulting in a whole new head lice infestation in 2 to 3 weeks! NITMIX Wet Combing Aid.is the easy way to make sure that head is really lice free.

NITMIX head lice products
NITMIX head lice products

NITMIX Ultra Fine Comb

Head lice are always about so you need to check regularly for little visitors. With teeth set just 6 thousandths of an inch apart this comb finds them and removes them fast.

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